Canopy’s 3rd Annual Good Business Summit to bring national figures to Kentucky

Zero-waste event will include first companies to earn Canopy Seal 

(LOUISVILLE, KY) – The idea of business built around purpose in addition to profit is gaining  momentum across the country, and companies committed to that idea will gather in Louisville  on April 13th.  

The Canopy Good Business Summit is Kentucky’s premier event for socially and environmentally  engaged businesses. This year’s event features Tom Szaky, the founder and CEO of TerraCycle,  an international leader in innovative sustainability solutions, creating and operating first-of their-kind platforms in recycling, recycled materials, and reuse. 

Panelists include Dr. Serenity Wright, leader of the Social Innovation unit at the University of  Kentucky, and Winnie Karanja, CEO and Founder of Represented Collective, a company focused  on advancing gender and racial equity within the STEM fields. 

Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg will also be in attendance.  

“We are excited to have leaders in the good business movement join us to share valuable  insights for Kentucky business leaders,” Scott Koloms, founder of Canopy, said. “We’re also glad  that everyone will have the opportunity to practice their environmental commitment by  helping us make this a zero-waste event.” 

The Good Business Summit introduces the global good business movement and innovative  ways Kentucky businesses are showing up for its people and its landscape. This year, Canopy  will honor four recipients for their commitment to positively impacting Kentucky’s communities  and environments.  

Canopy also recently launched its certification process for companies committed to good  business practices. Seventeen companies have completed certification and earned the Canopy  Seal, and virtually all of them will be involved in the Summit. 

The Good Business Summit will begin at 8 a.m. on Thursday, April 13 at the Kentucky  International Convention Center. Tickets and a full schedule are available at

About Canopy 

Canopy, founded in 2018, is part of an international movement to encourage, support and  certify social and environmental responsibility in the corporate world. Canopy’s goal is to put  Kentucky at the forefront of the Good Business movement by creating a state-level certification that’s more accessible, supportive, and relevant to local companies. In 2022, Canopy launched  its Canopy Certified Program, which provides a framework for businesses to examine and  improve their own practices and be recognized for their verified efforts. To see a list of Canopy  Certified companies and learn more, visit


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