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Ebony Greens

Core Product/Service: Ebony Greens uses fashion as a medium. From hats to shoes and all items in between.

Contact Name: Roderick Summerville
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Canopy Certified since 2023

Facilities Management Services, PBC

Core Product/Service: FMS provides commercial janitorial services.

Contact Name: Scott Koloms
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Canopy Certified since 2022

Fleur de Lis Communications

Impact Statement: Fleur de Lis Communications helps tells the stories of people and organizations that are making our community better.
Core Product/Service: We are a strategic communications firm that offers services in three main categories – messaging, public relations and content creation.

Contact Name: Bill Shory
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Intuitive Energy

Impact Statement: Intuitive Energy provides accurate and valuable energy efficiency advising, allowing our clients to achieve their goals on a path to a more efficient world.

Core Product/Service: Intuitive Energy creates sustainable, healthy, and intelligent buildings. Our on-demand energy manager services are designed to assess current energy and carbon emission levels, identify potential areas of improvement, and develop a custom implementation plan.

Contact Name: Brenden Frazier
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LexLou Data Analytics

Core Product/Service: We help companies build and manage systems to track the data they are collecting around their business, customers and whatever other information they may track for decision making purposes. We can help build and automate management reporting to allow stakeholders to better understand data related to the company and make informed business decisions.

Contact Name: Barbra Wysoske
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LPX Group

Core Product/Service: LPC and its affiliated brands — including Pace Contracting, Bluegrass Testing, and Material Transfer — provide an extensive range of specialized services and products that cover virtually every aspect of heavy civil construction.

Contact Name: Hunter Strickler
Contact Email:

Canopy Certified since 2022

Wildly Rising

Impact Statement: Wildly Rising Leadership Development brings, to organizations and communities, diverse perspectives, innovative solutions and highly effective leadership, which ultimately drives positive financial outcomes, fosters inclusive cultures and inspires future generations of leaders.

Core Product/Service: We help good leaders become great by providing Executive Coaching and Leadership Development through Assessments, Individual Coaching, Group Coaching Programs, Workshops, Retreats and Speaking Engagements.

Contact Name: Jacque Saltsman
Contact Email: