Canopy Certification: The Gateway to Good Business in Kentucky


Canopy is very excited to showcase a blog article written by recently Canopy Certified Company: The Root of Pi. The article goes over the Canopy Certification process, benefits, and more. Check out a sample of their blog post below:


The Root of Pi is a Canopy Certified business as of March 2023, as such our opinion is definitely slanted in favor of this certification. The great thing is, if you know…you know. This certification process is rigorous enough that it’s going to have to be meaningful to your company to go through the process. At the same time, if your business is a good fit for Canopy certification, then the process will be far more rewarding than taxing and you’ll be joining a group of like-minded Kentucky businesses. The possibilities from such connections are endless! What follows is a breakdown of the intent and steps involved for Canopy certification. For more information please go to the website and start the process. The team at Canopy is amazing and will help you determine if it’s a fit and the best path forward.


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