Our friend Taylor Cochran at Kentucky to the world has written a fabulous article about Canopy and the Good Business Movement in Kentucky. The article, “Leaves of Change: Canopy Kentucky Rewrites the Book on Business for the Commonwealth,” features quotes and insightful thoughts. Read an excerpt below:


“In many ways, I am a model millennial. I was born into a middle class family in Kentucky during the economic surplus that preceded the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 – the year I started middle school and the financial collapse of 2008 – the year I graduated high school.

All those years, there was an unspoken rule among the young and ambitious of my generation that forced us to leave Kentucky to find a real career. It wasn’t something we questioned, it was something we saw as a reality. Things were ending in Kentucky. Shuttering shop windows, abandoned factories, decaying schools, crumbling roads and a pervasive feeling of indifference from the powers that be amounted to a one-way road out of town for almost an entire generation of bright, young Kentuckians. I was among them…”


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