Frequently Asked Questions

Why the name Canopy?

It’s a nice metaphor for how we see our role in the state of Kentucky. When connected, the upper branches of the trees in our forests provide habitat and protection for a whole ecosystem of creatures and plants.

What is "Good Business"?

To Canopy, “Good Business” means taking care of employees; strong, ethical, transparent leadership; policies and procedures that reflect strong values; and positive impact on our neighborhoods, communities, and environment.

The “Good” a company does means positive outcomes for all stakeholders.

Who can get Canopy Certified?

At this time, Canopy will only be certifying for-profit companies that meet the requirements in our Kentucky Business Definition document here.

What’s the difference between the Canopy Certification and B-Corp certification?

The B-Corp Certification is a globally recognized standard that uses a rigorous assessment process to produce a score by which your company can be compared to others. Our Certification is crafted specifically around Kentucky issues and for Kentucky businesses, guiding companies through escalating levels of operationalizing their Good with our Canopy Library of resources.

How much does the Canopy Certification cost?

Our annual certification fees are determined by a sliding scale based on your company’s revenue from your most recent tax return. Check out the Pricing Table to see what the cost will be to your company.

Canopy also offers scholarships to eligible businesses pursuing Canopy Certification. Check here to see if you meet eligibility requirements, and to apply for a scholarship.

How much time will the Canopy Certification take?

Your company may work at your own pace as long as all requirements are submitted by their accompanying due dates. To become initially Canopy Certified, you have 12 months to complete your Canopy Fundamentals. Every year that you renew your Canopy Certification, you have 6 months to complete the Continuous Improvement requirements. 

What are the requirements of the Canopy Certification?

The Canopy Certification revolves around four fundamental tracks of Good Business: External Impact, Culture, Leadership, and Governance. In the Canopy Certified Program, you’ll have to fulfill requirements in all four tracks. Check out our handy Canopy Fundamentals Requirements Checklist to see what is required of your business to get Certified.

Why should my company get Canopy Certified?

By design, in becoming Canopy Certified, your company will be sharpening it’s focus on continuously improving culture, leadership, governance, and external impact practices for your business. This will, in turn, drive business results, amplify statewide economic development, and catalyze social and environmental solutions for the state of Kentucky. 

  • Internally: The practices of the Culture, Leadership, and Governance Tracks in the Canopy Certification aim to support your company’s culture, working environment, and employee retention. By instilling these practices, your company should be best supported for improvements in each of these areas.
  • Externally:  The tenets of the External Impact Track aim to operationalize the good you’re already doing for those in your community and in our environment. Being more intentional with these practices, which is what the External Impact track also encourages, will help your business by focusing its work in certain impact areas. Focused impact builds your business’s brand and helps you stand out against your competitors.
  • Growth: The upcoming generation of customers and workers want to buy from and work for businesses who are doing good. Whether it be caring about their employees, for social good, or for the environment, when a company is able to authentically demonstrate this care, a lot of folks are more likely to buy from, work for, and support that company. 

What are the benefits of the Canopy Certification?

  1. You’ll get to proudly display your Canopy Certification to a growing number of consumers and businesses that want to engage with good businesses. With the Canopy Certified Seal toolkit you receive upon initial Certification, you’ll have everything you need to get the word out. 
  2. You’ll get access to Canopy’s growing network of like-minded businesses and community supporters, Curriculum Learning Modules, Best Practice Case Studies, other resources, and events.
  3. Canopy will display and promote all Canopy Certified Businesses across our networks and platforms.
  4. Canopy will work toward beneficial legislation for Canopy Certified Companies.

How do I know the Canopy Certification is right for my company?

Ask our team of Canopy Certified experts! We’re happy to answer any questions or chat about any concerns specific to your company that you may have. Schedule a meeting to do so now.

What does my donation to Canopy go towards?

Canopy is a unique organization! Your support allows us to:

  • Inspire our brightest to become social / environmental entrepreneurs
  • Generate state-wide enthusiasm around a new way of doing business
  • Provide a roadmap for businesses to make money and do good
  • Help KY businesses become leaders in a rapidly changing economic landscape
  • Make KY a vibrant and relevant economy and bolster economic growth
  • Harness private enterprise to solve ethical, social, health, and environmental challenges
  • And so much more!

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How can I get involved with Canopy's work if I’m outside of Kentucky?

While the Canopy Certification is currently only available to companies headquartered in the state of Kentucky, there are plenty of ways an individual can get involved, even if you’re outside of the state.

Sign up for volunteer opportunities through our Volunteer Interest Form.

Join the Good Business Network by subscribing to our newsletter for free resources, events, opportunities, and Canopy updates on how to get involved.

How can a nonprofit get involved with Canopy's work?

Canopy works to facilitate successful for-profit and nonprofit partnerships. We encourage Canopy Certified Companies to partner with local nonprofits, and we often work together with other nonprofits to create Canopy’s Library of resources.

Set up a meeting with our Director of Development, Ben Smock, if you’re interested in partnering with Canopy.

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