Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Good Business"?

To Canopy, “Good Business” means taking care of employees; strong, ethical, transparent leadership; policies and procedures that reflect strong values; and positive impact on our neighborhoods, communities, and environment.

The “Good” a company does means positive outcomes for all stakeholders.

Who can get Canopy Certified?

The Canopy Certification is currently only available to for-profit companies incorporated in the state of Kentucky. Any type of business structure is allowed, including LLCs and others.

How do I know the Canopy Certificaiton is for me and my organization?

Ask us! Schedule a meeting with our Team of Canopy Certified Specialists today to get personalized answers about the Canopy Certification.

What’s the difference between the Canopy Certification, B-Corp certification, and PBC’s?

The Canopy Certification is different from a B Corp Certification or filing as a Public Benefit Corporation. The B Corp Certification is a globally recognized standard that uses a rigorous assessment process to produce a score by which your company can be compared to others. Our Certification is crafted specifically for Kentucky businesses to guide them through escalating levels of operationalizing their Good.

How much does the Canopy Certification cost?

Our Certification is based on a sliding scale correlating to the revenue of your company. Check out the Pricing Table on our website to see what the cost will be to your company.

I’m already doing good with my business. Why should I consider the Canopy Certification?

That’s great! We’d love to help you grow, measure, and amplify your Good. The Canopy Certification encourages businesses like yours to continuously look for ways to grow their impact on people, our planet, and our future. Companies enrolled in the Canopy Certification have access to resources like supporting curriculum and our Impact Reporting Tool that measures metrics on how your company has directly impacted its community and surrounding environment. And Canopy shares stories of Canopy Certified Companies doing Good across the state to inspire others. We believe that a network of socially and environmentally conscious, impact-driven businesses are stronger together.

How is Canopy going to help my business?

  1. We research and analyze trends in Kentucky’s business community.
  2. We can help with talent attraction and mission-aligned job listings.
  3. The Canopy Certification serves as a road map to incorporate an intentional social and/or environmental mission into your business model.
  4. Our educational resources will help your company learn best practices as you move towards a more intentional approach to doing Good.
  5. We promote consumer consciousness and engagement around Canopy Certified Companies.
  6. Our events, seminars, and workshops are great networking opportunities.
  7. We recognize and lift up companies that are doing exceptional Good… maybe that’s you?!

If you want to know more, schedule a meeting with our Team today.

Why the name Canopy?

It’s a nice metaphor for how we see our role in the state of Kentucky. When connected, the upper branches of the trees in our forests provide habitat and protection for a whole ecosystem of creatures and plants.

What does my donation go towards?

Your donation will help Canopy:

Educate: Our team travels the state to educate diverse audiences on the importance of Good Business, and how Canopy is positioning Kentucky to lead the global Good Business movement.

Certify: The Canopy Certification guides Kentucky businesses towards achieving measurable social and environmental Good, operating with highest ethical standards, and taking care of all stakeholders along the way.

Connect: Canopy will serve as the hub for Kentucky’s social and environmental entrepreneurs, conscious consumers, nonprofit organizations, business owners, and more!

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Is there an opportunity to be involved if I’m from outside of Kentucky?

The Canopy Certification is currently only available to for-profit companies incorporated in the state of Kentucky. But, as an individual, there are lots of ways to get involved even if you’re outside of the state. Join the Good Business Network by subscribing to our newsletter for free resources, events, opportunities, and Canopy updates.

How can Canopy help a nonprofit?

Canopy works to facilitate successful for-profit and nonprofit partnerships. Join the Good Business Network by subscribing to our newsletter for for free resources, events, opportunities, and Canopy updates.