What We Do

Canopy is working to make Kentucky first in good business. We are dedicated to supporting and growing businesses that improve the lives of people, our planet and the future. We think of ourselves as Kentucky’s home team in the global good business movement. Our work is connected to recognized standards such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and B Lab’s B Corp Certification. Canopy is dedicated to working specifically with Kentucky’s consumers and business community to not only join the movement, but lead!
We organize our services in to four categories.

We Educate

Canopy is working to educate consumers, businesses, employees and government about the global good business movement. Our traveling roadshow will visit communities and events around the state to collect and share ideas in good business. We are also telling the stories of successful business owners and organizations through our podcast, short films, workshops and live events.

We Certify

The Canopy Certified Program is designed to help Kentucky businesses establish, measure and track their social or environmental mission. Whether a long-standing company and scrappy start-up, Canopy’s certification program provides valuable resources for communicating and leveraging intuitive good to intentional impact.

We Connect

Our directory of businesses will be the hub for Kentucky’s social entrepreneurs, conscious consumers, impactful organizations and seasoned business owners. It will be a place where like-minded folks can connect to share ideas, team up, and generate good. And it will be a resource for talented employees to find impactful employers.
Coming Spring 2020

We Grow

Business owners know that they have to distinguish themselves from the competition to attract the best talent and retain existing workforce. In a state that struggles with workforce development, Canopy provides resources to track and overcome the challenges and shift the narrative to attract new business.