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Eligible for Kentucky Member Companies

The Canopy Certification guides Kentucky businesses towards achieving measurable social and environmental Good, operating with the highest ethical standards, and taking care of all stakeholders along the way. 

With thoughtfully-crafted points of inquiry and supporting resources, the Canopy Certification provides a framework for businesses to examine and improve their own practices and be recognized for their verified efforts. 

canopy kentucky
canopy kentucky

The Canopy Certification encourages businesses to continuously look for ways to grow their impact on people, our planet, and our future. Companies in the Canopy Certified Program have access to resources and tools, such as our Curriculum Learning Modules and Best Practice Case Studies, created to help companies gain Certification.

The interactive resources are a key feature of the Canopy Certification providing an on-ramp to the Good Business Movement, moving from Good Business fundamentals to greater sophistication over time.

Kentucky First

The Canopy Certification is specifically tailored to provide an on-ramp to the global Good Business Movement with requirements around External Impact, Culture, Leadership, and Governance. Our Certification and its supporting resources are designed to be accessible and Kentucky-focused.

Measure Your Good

When a company completes Continuous Improvement, Canopy compiles data to populate an Impact Report, showing a company metrics that matter on how they have directly impacted their community and surrounding environment.

Continuous Improvement

The path to Good Business is always evolving. That’s why the Canopy Certification is designed to ensure companies demonstrate continuous improvement every year through a mix of requirements and electives.

All Online

Companies can track their progress towards the Canopy Certification on a simple, online portal. A variety of online resources and customer support allow companies to move through the Certification with ease.

How Does My Company Get Certified?


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Certified Company Benefits

Member companies that pursue Canopy Certification unlock a whole new range of benefits.

  • All Canopy Member Benefits
  • 10% discount on monthly Canopy Member fees
Support and Guidance
  • Staff guidance and support in completing certification requirements (Includes one on-site session to help integrate your work into company culture post-certification)
Company Recognition and Promotion
  • Listing in our Canopy Certified Company online directory
  • Public recognition as a Canopy Certified Company
    – Website, newsletter, social media, events, and printed materials
  • License to use the Canopy Certified Seal on products, sites, emails, & marketing.
  • Ability to write guest blog posts and back link content on the Canopy website


  • Ability to include job postings in the monthly “Canopy Classifieds” edition of the Good Business Newsletter
  • Opportunity to set up tables/booths at Canopy events, including priority registration for the Canopy Good Business Summit marketplace
  • Inclusion in a Canopy annual collage video premiered at the CGBS opening remarks

Canopy Certified Seal

Once a company is Canopy Certified, they will be licensed to use the Canopy seal on products, sites, emails, marketing and at their business. By doing business with companies who display a Canopy Certified Seal, customers can be sure they’re using their dollars to support companies that care about our community, planet, and future.

canopy kentucky
canopy seal

Renewing your Canopy Certification

The Canopy Certification requires that all Canopy Certified Companies continuously improve their efforts in External Impact, Culture, Leadership, and Governance. Every 18 to 24 months, companies must update their information in these tracks and complete Electives. Electives allow for flexibility in the program, whether it be mastering a topic by playing to your company’s strengths or implementing something new.

Merit Badges are awarded to companies that show exceptional achievement in specific areas of the Canopy Certification. A company earns a Merit Badge by answering questions and accruing points within a particular focus area. The Canopy Certified Portal will automatically calculate your efforts towards this challenging process.

Currently, companies can earn the following Merit Badges:

Kentucky Advocate

DEI Champion

Health & Safety

Environmental Hero

Social Hero

Caring Employer

Transparent Leadership


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