What’s the best way to lock down the DE&I culture practices you’ve been creating? Through your company’s governance structures. Today’s day of learning is dedicated to putting those practices into policy and learning about how governance can be used as a tool to deconstruct systemic racism in your company and in the community

Consider the following suggestions as to how to you can build long-lasting diversity, equity, and inclusion into your business’s governance structures:

  1. Oversight
    • Do you have a policy around a diverse oversight committee composition?  Consider percentage of the following identities:
      • Democratically elected representatives, Executive leadership, Independent external representatives, People of Color, Underrepresented Person, Representatives from different levels of hierarchy in the company, Shareholders, Women
    • Consider giving them the following responsibilities:
      • Design executive compensation packages, Determine and monitor that the company complies with laws and codes, Identify key performance measures, Monitor social, environmental, and DE&I performance, Oversee risk management, Oversee the integrity of published financial statements, Performance evaluation of CEO and C-suite level or executive leadership, Plan and select new executives, Protect company assets and reputation, Strategic planning
  2. Universal policies are embedded in your corporate governance
    • Fair Employee Advancement policy
    • Bullying/harassment policy
    • Equal Opportunity policy and anti-discrimination policy
    • Sexual harassment policy
    • Whistleblower policy
    • Ombudsperson
  3. Physical locations in a lower-income zip code and/or in opportunity zones of your city or town
  4. Partnerships and recruitment for employees from KY-based, regional educational institutions or colleges (especially, Historically Black Colleges and Universities)


If you have questions about any of the above terms, feel free to reach out to us through DM or at info@canopyky.org.