Our topic of the week is Culture and Governance, and this week we are going to cover topics addressing: current social injustices, creating policies that add to everyday inclusion, and moving the needle on equitable, long term change.

To start, here are three areas that are often encouraged for businesses to make improvements in when implementing more robust DE&I practices in their workplace (to support specifically black individuals as well as employees of all identities and backgrounds):

1. Recruitment
This looks like: results-based recruitment and gender-neutral job descriptions, blind screenings, structured interviewing process and training, including underrepresented employees in interviewing, moving from culture fit to value fit in recruitment

2. Education and Support
This looks like: starting company-wide conversations on race and DE&I, inviting guest speakers or professionals from DE&I community, implementing DE&I and Emotional Intelligence Training programs, creating resource or affinity groups, and networks prioritizing honoring and affirming employees

3. Everyday Inclusion
This looks like: auditing company materials and posts to celebrate diversity, ADA certified infrastructure and facilities, celebrating holidays and events for underrepresented minorities, creating mother or nursing room, signage, soliciting employee feedback, gender-neutral bathrooms, unisex company uniforms or apparel