Canopy Founder and CEO, Scott Koloms, has been busy spreading the Good Business word lately! Scott was recently featured on the local Earth and Sprit Center podcast. Read more about the episode and tune in for a listen below:


Earth and Spirit Center: “Balancing Profit and Purpose: Scott Koloms on Mindful Business Leadership”

Scott Koloms believes that businesses can both make money and do good. He is the President and CEO of Louisville, KY-based Facilities Management Services, the first janitorial service company in the world to be certified as a B-corporation, committed to a “triple bottom line” of financial profit along with social and environmental benefits. He is also the Founder of Canopy, a non-profit working to help other Kentucky businesses evolve toward greater sustainability. In this episode, Scott reflects on his commitment to mindful leadership and his drive to help other for-profit businesses strike a balance between profit and purpose.