Dear Canopy Supporters,

As we enter the “reopening” phase of the corona virus pandemic, I’ve spent considerable time thinking about the ways Canopy can contribute to our communities through for-profit businesses.  There is little doubt that the recent past changed the business landscape in lasting ways and that folks are looking towards business leaders to provide direction as we navigate our new shared path.  Businesses must build trust and confidence as people venture out into the public again.  To that end, leaders must reconsider priorities and firmly place the well-being of employees and communities at the core of their businesses practices in order to remain viable.      

Through my work at FMS, a janitorial service serving hundreds of workplaces in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio, I’ve been exposed to the effects of and reactions to the pandemic from the start.  We’re on the front-line when it comes to battling the spread of germs and disease and are often one of the first calls an organization makes if there’s been an exposure.  My position at FMS allowed for a perspective many folks weren’t able to have due to the shutdown.  And while my thoughts here are anecdotal, as I more frequently engage with other leaders, I become further convinced that there is some wider truth in what I’ve seen.  

Here are a few of my observations:       

-There is a heightened awareness around the health and safety of employees and customers; 

-More people recognize that the health and safety of employees and customers are paramount to the viability and success of for-profit organizations;

-Employees and consumers want to know organizations have their best interest in mind;

-CODVID made evident the support government and non-profits need from for-profit business to handle national, regional, and local crises;

-COVID showed us roles for-profits can and should play in both moments of crises and in general moving forward;

-COVID provided many stories of companies doing good for their employees and communities.

In light of these observations and the new reality we’re all facing, Canopy is adding “safe and healthy workplace” content to the Canopy Certified Program and creating a “safe and healthy workplace” designation for organizations that commit to enacting and enforcing healthy COVID-19 related practices.  We’re excited to help businesses ease the concerns of employees and customers as we move towards returning to some of our familiar activities.  

I believe that, more than ever, folks realize the need for good business practices and I’m optimistic that many of the new sentiments will stick as we move towards redefining how a successful business should look. Trauma begets growth.  I believe that the economic and social trauma brought about by COVID-19  will lead toward better long-term economic health if we heed the lessons in front of us and recognize that financial health is sustainable when personal, organizational, and community health is taken into account.    

Please support our movement towards good business practices by signing the Kentucky Charter for Good Business.


Thank you all for your continued support.  Let’s all get on board to make Kentucky first in good business!

E. Scott Koloms